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Basic Idea:

Shop Heroes is a store management game that aims to raise awareness of the secret heroes of the corona crisis which we mostly take for granted and overlook what they really accomplish in this difficult time. Additionally, this game shows how casual places we all depend on, like supermarkets, can turn into dangerous environments.



Shop Heroes was created to be a top-down resource management and simulation game where the player's goal is to keep a supermarket running by jumping between three different roles and making sure the customers are always satisfied. You will be surprised how quickly a usually working day can turn into a hectic ordeal.


What I did:

In this team project, I took on the role of the game designer and programmer to work on the following tasks:

  • Project management

  • Game Design

  • Programming in C# (Unity)

    • Camera, Controls, pathfinding, NPCs, three playable characters, inventory system, UI, etc.​

  • Sound design

  • Animation

  • In-game tutorial

  • UI/UX design

  • Bug fixing

  • Trailer video

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