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RPS Elementis is a fast-paced mind game in which the three elements fire, water and earth compete against each other in a Rock Paper Scissors style puzzle game: The player has 10 seconds to win a match and a total of 90 seconds to win as many matches as possible. Different bonuses can be earned and strategically used to increase the score or gain more time. A global leaderboard keeps the player engaged and motivated to get the highest score possible.


What I did:

In this solo project, I took over the whole range of tasks for the development:

  • Project management

  • Game design

  • Sound design

  • Programming in C# (Unity)

    • Game rules, online leaderboard (via SQL database and PHP scripts), rewarded ads, UI, etc.​

  • Art

  • Animation

  • UI/UX design

  • Bug fixing

  • Gameplay video

  • Release (Google Play Store)



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