Here you can find a selection of the projects I worked on in the past where I mostly acted as the game designer and programmer.

2D RPG Kit for Unity

Design & Development

The 2D RPG Kit is an extensive toolkit for building classical turn-based RPGs in Unity. This tool doesn't require any programming knowledge! It is easy to use and offers all the features needed to create complete RPGs. Available on the Unity Asset Store.


Shop Heroes

Game Design & Development

Shop Heroes is a store management game that aims to raise awareness of the secret heroes of the corona crisis. Developed and running on Unity 3D.


Future of Yesterday

Game Design & Project Management

Future of Yesterday is a VR experience that lets the player explore an apartment full of new technology as it was imagined during a time that most of us only know from old movies and classical music. Developed with Unreal Engine 4 and running on Oculus / HTC Vive.


RPS Elementis

Game Design & Development

A hyper-casual mobile game that I created to strengthen my knowledge of mobile development and to learn how to combine an online hosted SQL database with a Unity project. Running on Android and iOS


The Empty World

Game Design & Development

A game design concept and demo reel for a serious game set in an industrial environment and an intriguing, political story. Developed and running on Unreal Engine 4. Used for my application to the Cologne Game Lab.