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Imagine yourself, in a retro-futuristic setting. You moved into a new town or even a new country. But before you move into your new apartment, you most likely want to examine your potential new home to know how your new daily life would be like. That’s where “Future of Yesterday” comes into play:



Explore an exemplary apartment full of new technology as it was imagined during a time that most of us only know from old movies and classical music. In this single-player, sandbox-style game it is up to you how and in which order you try out all the things that your environment provides you with. This VR experience was created for all you young people and adults who are interested in possible future technology!


What I did:

In this team project, I took on the role of the game designer to work on the following tasks:

  • Project management

  • Game Design

  • Sound design

  • Story

  • Mechanics

  • Documentation

  • Presentations

  • Voice-over trailer video

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