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Create your own RPG:

The 2D RPG Kit is an extensive toolkit for building classical turn-based RPGs in Unity. It comes with a huge variety of ready-to-use scripts and objects so that building complete games with this toolkit does not require any programming knowledge and was made available on the official Unity Asset Store.


Demo Game:

The toolkit is accompanied by a free demo game that showcases the potential of the 2D RPG Kit. All project files from the demo are also included in the toolkit and will, in addition to the documentation, teach the user all functions. The demo game is available through my page!


What I did:

In this solo project, I took over the whole range of tasks for the development:

  • Project management

  • Game design

  • Sound design

  • Programming in C# (Unity)

    • Camera, character controls, battle system, NPCs, dialog system, inventory system, character creation/progression system, quest system, event system, save/load system, UI, demo game, etc.​

  • Pixel art

  • Animation

  • UI/UX design

  • Bug fixing

  • Trailer video

  • Voice-over overview video

  • Gameplay video

  • Voice-over tutorial video series (ongoing)

  • Release (Unity Asset Store &

  • Release demo game (

  • Updates with new features (ongoing)

  • Discord community



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